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WE BELIEVE in a better organic search experience for visitors using Search Engines. We believe this begins when SEO companies, like ourselves, work with trust-worthy brands. If we can’t recommend your brand, then our SEO company can’t ever think of doing business with your company


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The Qumana Difference. 

We Believe

SEO is just one element of a marketing strategy. SEO on it’s own isn’t enough to propel a brand forward. The strategy that is going to get you results and success, involves doing search engine optimization in concert with other forms of marketing – synchronized to one harmony.

We Are

We treat each client as a partner. SEO is all about timing. Just because you think you’re ready for SEO, doesn’t mean that’s the truth. It’s our job as trust worthy SEO partners to tell you if we feel you’re not the right fit for an SEO campaign. If we don’t think SEO will generate the best results you are looking for – within your time frame, we’ll tell you this up front.

We Do

We do more than just create nonsense and random backlinks. We synchronize your SEO goals with organic placements that not only show search engines you are trustworthy, but also enhance the quality of your brand in front of perspective customers. SEO campaigns should do more than improve rankings, or even traffic – they should increase your conversions!

The Tools We Use To Generate SEO Success

We are a 360 SEO agency. We handle all phases, of a successful SEO campaign. 

SEO is just one part of an overall marketing strategy. The services listed below are elements that contribute to the success of your SEO campaign, and your overall marketing strategy.

Social Media – Social Media is a tool through which you can syndicate your content, and build natural search engine popularity. Social Media is one of the best ways to syndicate your message, and generate traction. With search engines looking at social signals with increasing importance, we include social signals and social content syndication as a part of any SEO strategy.

Local Places Optimization – Brands with multiple locations, who need to improve their visibility for all of the various locations can take great advantage of our local places optimization strategies. We have helped brands like Conway Stores, and CW-PRICE successfully rank in hundreds of different cities – attached to their local places. For brands looking to leverage SEO to generate more foot traffic, our SEO company has a strategy that has proven successful time and time again.

Ecommerce Optimization We are one of the few SEO companies who can successfully do SEO for large online retailers. Brands like the BBC(British Broadcasting Channel), have trusted us with their online shopping carts. Our work has helped improve their online traffic by hundreds of percent, in addition to generating hundreds of percent increases in revenue from search engine optimization. We believe that SEO for e-commerce shops is far different, and requires a far different approach than a run-of-the-mill SEO agency.

Content Creation – Content creation is one of the best ways to give search engines, and consumers, new ways to engage with your site. With algorithm updates like Hummingbird, which favor websites with rich content – and websites that continuously improve the length and quality of their content — creating and improving the quality of your content is a task our SEO company does wildly. Our SEO specialists focus a large amount of time obsessing over content.

Link Building – Links, are the #1 way to show Google how popular you are. Everything in SEO boils down to the acquisition of links, and everything revolves around the best way to convince people to link to you. Regardless of what we do, our eye is always on the target – which is helping you generate more links. Our focus is on generating goals on noteworthy placements – which will result in not just higher search engine rankings – but in addition, placing links on places where consumers will be looking for you. At the end of the day, we build links that consumers will click on – not links that only a search engine will ever see.

Keyword Research – The keywords you go after, are just as important, if not more important, than the quality of your links and your content. The #1 reason most brands fail when doing SEO is because their keyword strategy doesn’t properly match what they can “realistically,” achieve – based on their budget, and the type of press and social media attention they can generate. We pick keywords we believe are realistic and ones which will actually result in traffic, conversions, and leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eventually stop doing PPC if I rank well in Google?

We’ve seen companies adjust their PPC budget, when organic SEO is performing for them. The answer is: it depends. If for every $3 you spend on PPC, you make back $5 – and you only need to make $4 in order to break makes no sense to stop doing PPC. While the increase in organic traffic could provide an incentive to reduce your PPC budget – if the campaign is profitable, we typically suggest you let it run. IF anything, your goal should be to optimize it, so the overall cost you’re spending is more efficient and effective!

Is optimizing my website for SEO worth the investment?

SEO is a very upfront investment. For small and medium sized businesses, depending the competition in their industry – the upfront investment can be CRUSHING, if made all at once. It’s the job of a proper partner, like ourselves, to help you structure this investment so it’s spread out over a period of time – and generates an ROI as soon as possible. If you’re starting from scratch, SEO will certainly feel like a burden and require a lot of upfront work. But once the bulk of the work necessary to be a “front-runner,” is done – it definitely becomes easier.

Do I really need an SEO firm?

Unless you are a specialist who is up to speed on Google’s latest algorithms, you should consider hiring a search engine optimization agency. An agency such as ourselves can help you not only create an SEO strategy that takes into account your other marketing strategies – but more importantly, implement the strategy.

What else can we do besides SEO with you?

There are two main forms of search marketing: paid, and unpaid. Paid search engine marketing, also known as pay per click, is a form of “instant gratification,” marketing – where you instantly get traffic, as soon as you create a budget. You bid on keywords, relevant to your product or service, and your company appears instantly in front of prospective consumers for those terms.

The other form of search marketing is SEO – search engine optimization. This form of marketing involves you optimizing the technical factors surrounding how search engine evaluate which website is popular, and more “relevant,” to the searcher. For example, if you’re looking for news – then search engines like Google are more likely to rank WSJ or NYTIMES above a small, independent blog. This is simply due to the fact Google recognizes the authority of the former websites mentioned, and thinks they are more likely to be what a visitor will want to see. There is a formula, or algorithm, behind which websites rank on page 1 of search engines. Our SEO firm can help you understand, and leverage search engines to your advantage.